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Fan Crushes for Reinhardt

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6 people do/did like Reinhardt

I mean, he's pretty sexy i wouldn't lie. Also shipping him with Mercy

- SalSome
Report December 24, 2016 5:50am
im Hardt for you
you can pin me against the wall any day ;)

- kill me
Report November 26, 2016 7:13am
love my jolly rancher grandpa, big strong old man in which I LOVE so much, such a sweet boy, a pure joy to this world. deserves the best in life

- Anonymous
Report November 23, 2016 1:18am
mc hammer

- oatmeal
Report October 15, 2016 3:19pm
Ever since the first day i played overwatch and i saw that big hammer it just turned me on soo much so ive fallen for you.. reinhard.. 😍

- Anonymous
Report October 11, 2016 11:55pm
My dude, it's hammer time. I love you. ♥

- Anonymous
Report October 10, 2016 10:01pm


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