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8 people do/did like Torbjorn

thanks for believeing in me, torbjorn

- Anonymous
Report January 6, 2017 11:09pm
torbjörn föcked my wife and cut off my pemis

- pandapandosa
Report January 6, 2017 11:09pm
get out of my house

- tordypop
Report January 6, 2017 11:07pm
Get This Disgusting Little Gremlin Off Of This Website

- pee pee
Report December 10, 2016 2:44pm
- This comment is private -
hell yeah

- Anonymous
Report October 23, 2016 5:57am
yo so if you are defending on that one russian stage and the other team defeats objective A and you have to defend objective B, there will be some moving platforms in the air. place the turret on top of one of those platforms and let it do mayhem. don't stay up there with it, get down and begin killin' dudes on your own too. you aint playin gnome dude right if you are only letting the turret get kills. but gnome dude is pretty legit.

- oatmeal
Report October 15, 2016 3:16pm
My lovely Torb. You created me, you love me, and you hammer me every day.

- Torbjorn's Turret
Report October 11, 2016 11:19pm


from Overwatch

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