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Quick Like - julietdubrehil

April 29, 2017 8:31pm

I like you!


April 19, 2017 11:02pm

ah, okay okay. i love you to bits. you're great, moose. i wish you the best in life. you deserve so so much. (good things, of course.) :') xo


April 15, 2017 1:42pm

i love you Sammyyy :3


April 8, 2017 10:06am

He's personally

Quick Like - Anonymous

March 25, 2017 12:18am

I like you!

Ava Brace

March 11, 2017 5:40am

Love you so so much Sammy!! We will get those Moose crossing signs down soon


March 2, 2017 6:21pm

Samantha Winchester. Please admit to the fact you love Gabriel. Then bring him back to life and mate with him.

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- This comment is private. -

A older and more mature jess🌹

February 25, 2017 7:40pm

Y'all need Jesus alsdfksld