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Fan Crushes for Dylan O'Brien

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364 people do/did like Dylan O'Brien

- This comment is private -
Omg he is sooooooo fit and his name tho on teen wolf

- Anonymous
Report January 18, 2017 3:42pm
Really, I love him so much.

- Anonymous
Report January 18, 2017 1:19pm
Hi, I love u baee

- PrincessBlack57
Report January 17, 2017 10:03am

- lana
Report January 15, 2017 4:12pm
Ok so I obviously like or else this comment wouldn't be a thing and I have liked you since I was in fourth grade and just to put that in place I'm a sophomore now and yeah also my friends know how much I like you and one of them made me a Dylan O'Brien birthday card someone drew you for me so that's that you will probably never see this but you know what that's ok.

- Araylia smith
Report January 15, 2017 12:46pm
ohmygod you're hot

- Anonymous
Report January 15, 2017 1:48am
I love you notice me!!

- Unicorn
Report January 13, 2017 4:36pm
He is so cute๐Ÿ˜

- hiday
Report January 13, 2017 4:31pm

- Mrs. O'Brien
Report January 12, 2017 1:48pm
I love you sooooo much

- bellah13
Report January 11, 2017 8:59pm
my daddy af

- Anonymous
Report January 11, 2017 2:12pm

- me
Report January 11, 2017 12:56am
- This comment is private -

- Anonymous
Report January 9, 2017 10:44pm
i want your babies.

- me
Report January 8, 2017 12:51am

- Anonymous
Report January 6, 2017 5:24pm
- This comment is private -
Dyler o'Brosy for life

- Anonymous
Report January 4, 2017 5:09pm
You'll be my Stiles forever*-*

- notinlondonyet
Report January 2, 2017 10:52am
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