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Fan Crushes for Gerard Way

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697 people do/did like Gerard Way

well who doesn't?

- Anonymous
Report January 20, 2017 7:46am
Hey gee, I miss you, I miss your kisses, I miss your hugs, I miss us, I miss everything but I miss you the most gee I wish we could be together again I love you gee-xofrnk

- Frank iero
Report January 18, 2017 2:33am
i want gerard way to embrace me
hold me in your arms, gerard...

- Anonymous
Report January 17, 2017 7:25pm

- sassyiero
Report January 16, 2017 6:33pm
I love Gerard way so much💕 He's so amazing and beautiful!

- -kaitlyn-chapdelaine-
Report January 15, 2017 8:56pm

- Anonymous
Report January 15, 2017 5:52pm
I love gerard

- Anonymous
Report January 15, 2017 4:07pm
Oml, I love you Gerard. I got all your band merch. L o v e m e p l e a s e

- simisbored
Report January 15, 2017 12:16pm
Holy shit he's flawless

- teenagemessup6
Report January 15, 2017 11:48am
he looks pretty good, and a cool guy too c///x

- yangkourosaki1409
Report January 15, 2017 12:09am
His eyes are ao beautiful and he has a good personality

- Anonymous
Report January 14, 2017 9:08am
I like the way he styles his hair and doesn't give a crap

- Anonymous
Report January 6, 2017 7:09pm
Gerard Way is the only reason im alive and I love you so much ❤ i wanted to say thank you for being so amazing

- Maddi✨✌
Report January 6, 2017 2:20am

- lacimeme
Report January 3, 2017 1:48am
- This comment is private -
I hope it's not creepy that my user is this. Sorry dude. Ily Gerard!

- gerardismywayn
Report January 2, 2017 1:47pm

- nekochicoeren
Report January 1, 2017 6:43am

- dun
Report December 31, 2016 10:34pm
ilysm i started liking u when i was born

- Halle
Report December 29, 2016 6:19pm
ilysm i started liking u when i was born

- Halle
Report December 29, 2016 6:19pm
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