I'm way too young
I don't even know if this is you
But i think you hot af
Smart af
Relatable af
And i would hug you forever if i could

I like everything you've publicly said you like, agree with your 'public' opinions and overall will support you the whole way through every part of your life.

This is like the closest thing to a crush I've had but there's such an age difference you'd just think I'm weird. (About 12 years) We probably couldn't even be friends unless you'd be up for the 'cool uncle' relationship.

I'm not your day to day 'phangirl'
I will get sacrificed for this but I don't ship phan
because i have a relationship just like that and people keep on asking if were dating. (Honestly she's too good for me tho)

If this is really Dan Howell (tm) then just know that a lot of people love you, including me.

- Zuzana
November 29, 2017 9:52pm
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