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Hi.. I just wanted to tell you that you're super cool and good at cosplaying. I really don't understand why so many people come on here just to send you hate. I've been in this family long enough to know that you're a caring, sweet person. You defend yourself, which is important to do. That doesn't make you a rude person. Also!! I live in Minnesota too and I was wondering if maybe someday we could meet? I have super bad social anxiety and almost no friends but I think it'd be neat to meet you (and maybe even Justin and Damon, if that's possible). I'm not good with going to meet-ups and I don't know if I'd have a ride but it would be fun. It doesn't have to be anytime soon, but eventually I'd like that. Anyways, thank you for being you. Knowing there are people who are similar to me is reassuring.

- a nervous and smol human
March 20, 2017 4:41pm
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