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Okay maybe you do love him, I'm not in your brain. But the point I and so many other people are trying to make is that it can't happen and kidding yourself into thinking it can may make you happy for a short while but it'll only bring yourself more heartbreak. Alexander Hamilton was one of the founding fathers. That means he died 213 years ago. See how I'm using WAS instead of IS, it's because he's dead. And saying to yourself he's not is self destructive behaviour. You are harming your own mental health as are the people supporting you. Look I don't agree with the people calling you a freak or making fun of you at all, that's wrong and I will defend you on that front till the day I die. But I, like so many others, am trying to help you. And to the people encouraging Clarkson's behaviour and telling the rest of us to stop trying to help them, YOU ARE DOING DAMAGE. It's the equivalent to if you saw someone on the street cutting themselves or taking drugs or drinking "because it makes them happy" and some of us are trying to stop them, while you guys are putting the drink in their mouth. Yes, they might fight back but in the end, it's not healthy and we are trying to help, not upset

- Anonymous
April 21, 2017 6:41am
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