You are not rude in any way shape or form, I just think that sometimes and from personal experience you can make people feel like they're hated or like they're being annoying? I've tried so hard to be your friend because I really think we would be good friends, but you push me away. Like when you wanted someone to skype I told you I would and your exuse was "oh I can't I'm drawing" we're both artists we could've drew on skype, and like maybe you didn't want to because we barley know eachother? Understandable I get that 100% and I understand you have a lot of dms, I'm probably Morley over reacting. But from what I have seen you're an amazing artist and an amazing friend to others. I love who you are as a person.. all I ever wanted was to be your friend and I keep trying and I kinda gave up. But you're so amazing and I never meant to call you rude cause you aren't. I just feel like you hate me ahah but ily ♥️

- Anonymous
August 12, 2017 9:31pm
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