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hey, i loveeeee you :)

- justindrew-anon
Report Report Post July 15, 2013 8:52pm

- This comment is private. -

yer perfect gurl. c:

stay beautiful. <3

- sexyacaciaanon
Report Report Post October 28, 2012 5:58pm

we should talk more. ♥

- Anonymous
Report Report Post October 28, 2012 3:35pm

hey there gom3z/ hows that cake? + that glue stick? you know you loved it. lolno, but anyway, i really think you're a great girl, and you're wodnerful c: i hope whoever you fall for treats you the way you should be.

- styl3s
Report Report Post September 7, 2012 7:58pm

- This comment is private. -

- This comment is private. -

selly <3
you are always there when i need you c:
thanks for listening to me
and making me feel like i am stronger
you're my bestfraaand c:
i'll buy you nutella gorgeous
#twinning ;D

- selena-swag-anon
Report Report Post May 21, 2012 3:18am

- This comment is private. -

- This comment is private. -

since you are making me re-do this, i shall try to make it nice and juicy.
well, i get all craycray when 'm drunk and you dont give two shyts. i know you'd be there for me, always. and i'd be there for you. you are the ___ to my ___. fill the blanks:)

so, i really enjoy talking to you, love c: sweet thangggggg;)


- dylan again cx
Report Report Post May 10, 2012 11:39pm

hey there, love c:
your amazing and an sweet person to me.
stay perfect,darling.

- arianagrandee-anonymous
Report Report Post May 10, 2012 9:50pm

haygurlhaaayyyyyy ;)

im to lazeeee to write on here. so imma just say this. i wuff yew. ksobai.

- dill-uhn c;
Report Report Post May 10, 2012 8:36pm

i love you, bby c;
wifeys & besties foreva & always.♥

- sexc jassy. c;
Report Report Post May 10, 2012 8:00pm

We have such great memories don't we,Dr.Oz show's.
I hope we will be frand's forever,you're amazing,funny,beautiful and got a lot of swag!


I saw you wave to me that one time..are you insane,Nobody wave's to Hitler.I kill yew!Anyway's see you at Dr.Oz show!


- justin-drewzie-bieber-anon
Report Report Post May 10, 2012 1:34pm

- This comment is private. -

you're awesome.
i'm awesome.
you're cool.
i'm cool.
i'm also hungry..
lets make out.
unlessss you wannnnnaaa... ?
naaah i'm good.

and you should be able to know which Niall anon this is.
if not, i'll be pissed.
cus i know you talk to other Niall ' s.


- Nialler.~
Report Report Post May 8, 2012 9:43pm

I've had a crush on you since the first time you've messaged me... and I know it hasn't been that long but I think I have a question to ask you later... I just love you too much to let someone else get to have you when that person isn't me. I love you. I'll leave you hints to find out who it is ;)
1. I activated FOUR days ago.

2. Last time you replied one of my messages was 24 hours ago

3. I was actually born in Brampton, Canada

Try to find out who I am ;)

- Anonymous
Report Report Post May 8, 2012 8:38pm

- This comment is private. -

- This comment is private. -

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