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I love you to the moon and back and that is all that matters

- Anonymous
Report April 13, 2017 12:05pm

Hey, that's pretty good.

- Ian
Report March 31, 2017 12:24am

- This comment is private. -

I want you to be the only girl I Rawr XD to.

- Anonymous
Report March 28, 2017 10:30pm

Your Daddy must have been a Baker, cos you got the nicest set of buns I've ever saw.

- Tyler
Report March 28, 2017 3:52pm

- This comment is private. -

Hell no whoever put xxxtentacion you a whole b i t ch / bandwagon ,Respect x we could really throw hands my dude

- Ya boi eddy
Report March 18, 2017 10:55pm

hey we haven't talked in a while but i miss you !! you look so pretty and i hope you've been happy and doing well. have a great day angel ❤️

- lyss
Report March 18, 2017 10:06am

Yeah you're definitely going to hell but at least you look hot.

- xxxtentacion
Report March 18, 2017 12:43am

Quick Like - I like you!

- Anonymous
Report March 18, 2017 12:11am

you're so so pretty & I'd like to follow ur main but I can never find it :((

- Anonymous
Report March 17, 2017 4:33pm

Are you Italian? Cause Mama Mia.

- Anonymous
Report March 17, 2017 2:57pm

I think all these people calling you hot are just some thirsty jitts but you know if it helps your self-esteem 👍🏻😛

- Anonymous
Report March 17, 2017 2:56pm

Honestly, I think you're hot, but more importantly you're really kind hearted, cool and fun to be around, it makes me happy that i met you this year and it makes me even happier that we're friends :333

- Anonymous
Report March 17, 2017 2:47pm

Angie > Bacon

- Alex
Report March 17, 2017 2:44pm

If you were illegal I wouldn't mind giving you papers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Anonymous
Report March 17, 2017 2:42pm

Angie > Chloe

- Totally Not Chloe
Report March 17, 2017 2:33pm


- Vic
Report March 17, 2017 2:33pm

Honestly, ever since I first met you at school i thought you were hot. I'm considering going gay ❤

- Anonymous
Report March 17, 2017 2:32pm

Te amó mucho, aunque te miras como un burrito eres la más bonita. C:

- Tacos
Report March 17, 2017 2:23pm

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