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- This comment is private. -

- This comment is private. -

ur basically like @anon-beebur or somthing.
u just break hearts and have s.e.x .

- Anonymous
Report September 22, 2013 7:49am


Report September 17, 2013 9:35pm


- This comment is private. -

- This comment is private. -

- This comment is private. -

- This comment is private. -

James, why must thou be so sexy? Stop being such a sexy mofo, please or I might just die

- Anonymous
Report September 11, 2013 6:56pm

- This comment is private. -

hi there jamesypop. ♥
you're so amazing it's not funny. i can't believe how perfect you are, and how good you treat me. i've never felt so good about myself, but when i'm laying in your arms i feel like everything's ok.
i know you said you don't want love, but i'm telling you right now that i'm in love with you james niall horan.
no one has ever been so honest with me and i love that about you. you told me all the meanings to your tattoos and even told me about your most special one, which means a lot. ♥

thank you for everything baby.

p.s. rawr daddy. c;

- lilipoo ♥
Report September 10, 2013 7:30am

I think James is sexy as hell!!! Friends with benefits for life babe!! c; if you can't tell who it is I love your angel wings tattooed on your back babe c; / room mate c;

- Anonymous
Report September 9, 2013 9:27pm


- This comment is private. -

hey, you're my best friend & you're perfect. love you james<33

- ukaysha♡
Report September 9, 2013 7:31pm

hey c: well I saw your set, so here I am, doing your crush tag.
Oh my gosh, sorry, I suck at these.
Well pm me sometime, cause I like barely made this yesterday and I have no friends, ssoooo, YEAH! bye.

- ill3st-asp3n
Report September 9, 2013 6:15pm

oh well he's from california and he was in my school. his name starts with an e and ends with an n. ;)

- @rachell-xx
Report September 9, 2013 4:32pm

f-ck me

- MIRANDA ( @anon-weirdos )
Report September 9, 2013 4:23pm

Nialls sexy c;

- Miranda ( @anon-weirdos )
Report September 9, 2013 4:22pm

as an anon you're here to help people and not to hurt their feelings

- Anonymous
Report September 9, 2013 2:36pm

f-ck me

- Anonymous
Report September 9, 2013 1:49pm

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