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jay c;

June 23, 2013 9:25pm

hey cherbear I love you. When you get back I have a surprise for you baby girl c;
love you hope to see you soon babe


April 21, 2013 5:25am

dani, you're gorgeous and good at spooning. you're very sweet and funny. thank you for being you. heh see? i'm cheesy again.

the anon with the dora icon ✌

March 17, 2013 3:15am

yo waddup there pears cx
lol if you didnt guess it , im talking to ya perrie
i think im gonna start calling you pears , cause its cool .
& im cool , so i guess you are cool.
its so weird how we both expecting twins ; boy&girl :o
copy cat !
Loljk .
Well im weird , i know . But we are weird together , we shall make a clan not a team cuz that is too cliche :p
okay idunno what else to say , but yep
love ya [email protected]#$% (: .

jack, very confused and broken

March 9, 2013 6:20am

hello my beautiful Leigh Anne
I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear from me
because I messed up
but I still love you, I never stopped loving you. you are my everything, my princess and because of my [email protected]#$% mistake, I lost you, you the one I love with all my heart. if you leave, I'll leave to so please just stay for me


March 3, 2013 11:11am

whale hai dere leigh anne,

i just want to say you are amazing and just perfect. i don't know what to say here except you're beautiful and nobody should ever make you think otherwise. i love talking to you and you always make my day. well i guess i should say bye now. talk soon love cx


February 21, 2013 4:10pm

Hellow Pezzie c;
I've only known you for a few weeks but i truly madly deeply love you
call me crazy but that's how i feel :3
love you babe ❤
~Z ❤


February 10, 2013 1:16am

You girls are all really cool, funny and great to talk to :)
Haha yeah love you guys