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67 people do/did like proximalocclusion

You're such a pretty person get out. D:

- Anonymous
March 17, 2014 12:31am
what a smile.

- tempest in a teacup
February 25, 2014 2:34pm
- This comment is private -
- This comment is private -

- kees
January 11, 2014 4:14pm
let's go watch Frozen together and cry manly tears

- kees kees
January 10, 2014 9:39pm
I just wanted to say thank you very much for saying those kind words, it made my night. C: I look forward to seeing yo' cute face around DLS~

- Dork of Your Dreams / Joyce
December 17, 2013 4:33am
you are somehow charming, even with your dino short arms. totally serious, yet not serious because SILLY IS BETTER.

- Anonymous
November 12, 2013 10:13pm
in the second pic, you look like a very cute, very derp velociraptor c:

- Anonymous
November 11, 2013 1:12am
crying. half my message was posted. I WAS SAYING I GIVE MY LOVE TO YOU IF YOU PLAY IT AS WELL.

- t o k i d o k i h i m e
November 7, 2013 12:44am

- t o k i d o k i h i m e
November 7, 2013 12:43am
you have an awesome smile. your creeper face is pretty rad too. :D

- Anonymous
November 6, 2013 10:06pm
ngl you're a cutie austin shush up

- your favourite boy ever obvs
October 25, 2013 3:43am
- This comment is private -
You're just so damned adorable.

- Amber
October 24, 2013 12:53pm
you're absolutely precious.

- kadu
October 24, 2013 11:57am
You're adorable, omg.

- Anonymous
October 13, 2013 2:12am
y hello thar sex-c

- Anonymous
October 11, 2013 11:35pm
I don't talk to you as much as I would like to and as much as I want to because I'm afraid of liking you and we can't have that.

- Anonymous
September 23, 2013 1:33am
you're still the cutest thing in the world oh my god

- I like staring at your face
September 9, 2013 1:50am
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