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December 2, 2012 7:40pm

sn41l ♥

November 19, 2012 3:36am

hey baby.
i'm going to be the first to post on your crushtag, just like you were to me. asdfghjkl; gosh, I'm so damn lucky to have you in my life. you seriously mean the /world/ to me & i can't to be stuck with you for forever. i don't think i could've ever found anyone that was as perfect for me as you are. you just understand me . . & i love that. i love you. i love you more than anything. thank you for putting up with me . . & thank you for staying with me. i feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have gotten a second chance. this time i promise not to mess this thing up. i love you, babyyy. c:

you're the best thing that has /ever/ been mine.
lets make this last forever. c;